Weigh-in day – Feb.12, 2017

Weigh-in day - Feb. 12, 2017

Had a great weigh-in today!! I’m down 3.2!! Granted that not all of this is a loss because I had gained 1.2 last week, but really a 2 lbs loss is something and it makes me very very happy! To top it off, I had a huge NSV yesterday! Actually TWO of them! 1. I fit into a SMALL top!!! Wwhhaatt?? This picture above is the said top and it fit me perfectly! I was out shopping with my parents when I saw this top and I absolutely wanted it, BUT there was only one left and it was a […]

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Weigh-in day – Feb.5

Weight Watchers Weigh in Feb 5

The results are in for this week! I’m up 1.2 lbs. I did much better in January as I have been eating really well and sticking to the plan since December 24th, 2016 (Yes, right before Christmas and after the office potluck lol.). I never thought I could eat within my points ever, but I did it for a little bit over a month and then took a cheat day on Feb. 2nd. I get 30 points for the day with a wiggle room of 7 extra points. For most parts, I went over 30 but stayed under 37, and […]

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When it all began and where I am at right now in my weight loss journey.

Me as a Sixth grader

Growing up, I was always the biggest kid in my group of friends and cousins. Although, up until I was 10 years old (and before I was gifted a computer by my Dad), I remember going out to play quite often; running around and being active. As a kid, I loved to play, but I also loved to eat. My love for food was too much to be ruined by a couple of embarrassing moments that I had to endure as a big kid. So what if regular girl clothes didn’t fit? There was always the boys section! Yes, I […]

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