Fitbit One – Is it worth it?

Fitbit one review

Today I’m doing a quick review on one of my favourite gadgets that helps me stay active – the Fitbit One! After considering a whole bunch of pedometers, their functions and cost; I settled on this one.

Fitbit One review

For my needs and purposes, I thought this was perfect. Nothing too fancy, can be very discreet (when clipped onto the bra), doesn’t have to match any of my accessories unlike the watch kind AND it has a rechargeable battery!

Package includes:

A charging cable, a wireless USB dongle, a tracker, clip, a manual and a wristband.

The charging cable is one of the things that steered me towards Fitbit One and away from the Zip. I hate buying batteries and love to have the ability to recharge as and when I like it.

The wireless USB dongle allows your Fitbit to sync automatically, as long as you are connected to the internet. I personally don’t use it because I like to be in control of when my steps get synced (especially during a challenge :D). If you don’t care for that kind of stuff and would rather have your Fitbit sync automatically, then this dongle is excellent for that.

The clip is pretty strong and stays exactly where you put it. I used to be afraid of losing my tracker in case the clip comes undone. I am proud to say that it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t see it happening in the future either. I probably just jinxed it though :<

The wristband is pretty neat if you’re tracking your sleep pattern, or if you’ve got no place to clip your tracker. I will have to say that the tracker does seem to sit loosely in there and looks like it will just slide out and disappear – to never be found again. I’ve tracked my sleeping pattern before, and while it is super cool to see that, I thought it was useless to me because I didn’t know how to fix my pattern lol.

Ease of Use:

It is super duper mega easy to use! There’s absolutely nothing too complicated about its interface or the design. It is super slim, can be easily clipped onto your clothing and it retains its battery life for over a week. I usually tend to charge it over the weekend because I don’t ever want the battery to die on me! One good weekend charge and I’m set for the week!

The App:

I love the app. I love doing challenges with my friends too. It keeps me on track and more motivated than when I’m not doing the challenge. If you’re not into the whole challenge thing, then there are “adventures” that you can do by yourself.

The dashboard tells you how much battery there is, the number of steps taken, calories burnt, minutes you were active and floors climbed. You can also track your food (I don’t because I use WW), and the number of cups of water you’ve had in a day. The home screen can be easily modified according to your preference.


I bought it for CAD $120 from Best Buy in April 2016.


I love my Fitbit One and is totally worth every penny! It definitely challenges and motivates me to be more active. It is a great pedometer, and if all you want is to count steps, it does its job well. I don’t exactly miss the heart rate monitor that comes with some of the higher end Fitbit; because I track my heart rate with a Polar Fit 7. I also love the little greetings that come up on the tracker when I put it on in the morning haha.

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