Fitbit One – Is it worth it?

Fitbit one review

Today I’m doing a quick review on one of my favourite gadgets thatĀ helps me stay active – the Fitbit One! After considering a whole bunch of pedometers, their functions and cost; I settled on this one. For my needs and purposes, I thought this was perfect. Nothing too fancy, can be very discreet (when clipped onto the bra), doesn’t have to match any of my accessories unlike the watch kind AND it has a rechargeable battery! Package includes: A charging cable, a wireless USB dongle, a tracker, clip, a manual and a wristband. The charging cable is one of the […]

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When it all began and where I am at right now in my weight loss journey.

Me as a Sixth grader

Growing up, I was always the biggest kid in my group of friends and cousins. Although, up until I was 10 years old (and before I was gifted a computer by my Dad), I remember going out to play quite often; running around and being active. As a kid, I loved to play, but I also loved to eat. My love for food was too much to be ruined by a couple of embarrassing moments that I had to endure as a big kid. So what if regular girl clothes didn’t fit? There was always the boys section! Yes, I […]

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